Distributed Generation in CA

Here is a discussion of distributed generation trends in California.

The Self Generation Incentive Program  in CA has tracked installed renewable capacity from about 20 MW in 2000 to 330 MW in 2013.

Much of this has been solar, but additional solar installations were supported by the CSI (California Solar Incentive), which has had 3,939 MW of installations from inception to 2016.

This has been a combination of rooftop systems, and ground mounted systems under 20 MW.

This is only about halfway to the governor’s goal of 12,000 MW of DG by 2020.

There is much discussion about quantifying the benefits of DG, both benefits for the electrical grid, and benefits for the environment.

There has been discussion about updating the environmental scoring systems used to plan and approve renewable energy projects in the state, and in the WECC.

New maps are being created of environmentally preferred renewable energy zones.  EcoNorthwest has developed a study generalizing environmental mitigation costs per mile of transmission line.


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