Chula Vista Smart Infrastructure Strategy for Bayfront Development


Black & Veatch is in the process of developing a draft analysis for the City of Chula Vista (San Diego), evaluating Smart City options for a new proposed development of several parcels in the Bayfront district.  The development is proposed to include significant new construction, including a hotel and conference center, many multi-family residential units, and several mixed use retail and industrial developments.  For more information about the development, click here.

Energy and Telecom Components

Black & Veatch’s work on this project included two reports: a telecommunications report, and an energy report.  The telecommunications report investigates opportunities to install and demonstrate leading edge telecommunications infrastructure.  The energy report investigates opportunities to meet or exceed a goal established in the settlement agreement for the development: 15-50 percent better building energy performance than the minimum level required by California building energy code (Title 24).

Energy Baseline

Typical baseline energy use was identified for the three largest building types in the proposed development, based on prototypical building energy profiles developed by the USDOE Building Energy Codes Program.

Energy Reduction Technologies

The following list of technologies was evaluated

  • Energy efficiency
  • Demand response
  • Self-generation
    • Solar photovoltaics (rooftop and carport)
    • Microturbines with absorption chilers
    • Reciprocating engines
    • Fuel cells
    • Energy storage

Each technology was evaluated based on technical and economic criteria.

Technology Comparison

The figure below shows the technology comparison results.  See technical score on the X axis and economic score on the Y axis.





Black & Veatch selected the most attractive bundle of technologies for each building type, based on the screening analysis above.  This resulted in bundles of technologies which brought the energy reductions summarized below.

Building Type Technology Grouping Percent Reduction (Source Energy)
Hotel Solar Water Heating 27%
Efficient Cooling
Efficient HVAC Motors/Fans
Rooftop Solar PV
Microturbine with Absorption Chiller
Multifamily Residential Efficient Refrigeration 14%
Efficient Interior Lighting
Solar Water Heating
Rooftop Solar
Microturbine with Absorption Chiller
Carport Solar PV
Office/Large Commercial Efficient Computer (Network Power Management Software) 21%
Efficient Cooling
Efficient Interior Lighting
Rooftop Solar PV
Microturbine with Absorption Chiller
Carport Solar PV
Battery Energy Storage System

You can see the hourly net load profile for a typical summer day for the multifamily building type, with the selected grouping of technologies, below.



It is important to note that the energy savings calculations above refer to “source energy,” as different from “site energy.”  This is based on the DOE standard for building energy savings calculations.  This becomes especially important when CHP technologies such as microturbines with absorption chillers are involved, because these technologies consume and save both electricity and natural gas.  The two energy sources must be treated on a common basis.

Now that the technology types have been ranked and prioritized, the top technology types can be addressed in more detail for future work.  The technologies should be properly sized, optimized to work together,  and linked with communications and controls in future phases of work, in order to meet the 50 percent reduction target with least cost and best technical/environmental performance.


The two reports (energy report and telecom report) are currently under review by the innovation council. Near term next steps include establishing stronger ties between the two reports, especially on two topics: communications and controls for efficient lighting and for building energy management systems.  Longer term next steps include identifying funding sources for future work, to implement the recommendations in the Phase 1 report.


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